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Giving to the Lord is a very important part of our worship here at First Baptist Church. 

We believe giving is an act of worship in which God calls His saints to be faithful! 

We believe that our giving should be an act of our love toward Christ and our willingness to

be obedient to God’s desires. Scripture tells us to do this cheerfully, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).

These days we find ourselves adjusting our means of giving in some areas, and that is why we have now added an online option for our church family as it gives us another avenue for faithfulness in giving.

Please do not approach this type of giving in the same manner as you would in paying a bill online. I would ask that you approach giving this way very prayerfully and in worship to our Lord. As you input your amount, please do it as an act of worship, praising His name as you carry out that transaction! Thank Him for His provision and faithfulness in your life that allows you to give. In fact, go a step further and make your family aware and involved in giving. Your children need not know the amount but please instruct them on the necessity of giving, and how God is always faithful and blesses the giver.

Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord and this body!

Pastor Steve Stoppe

ways you can Give:



Drop your tithe into the offering plates that are out during Sunday services 


Sign in or create a new account to give online, and to setup reoccurring giving 

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